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Coal rods extruder

Coal rods extruder
  • Coal rods extruder
Product name : Coal rods extruder
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Coal rod extruder
High pressure BBQ coal stick briquette machine/coal bar extruder
Brief introduction of BBQ coal stick briquette press machine:
BBQ coal stick briquette press machine is mainly used to use the screw extrusion principle to process coal powder mixed with a certain proportion of liquid binder into different bar shapes and size of briquettes, with certain strength, also you can choose to make the briquettes with or without a hole in the core part. The utilization of this machine can make full use of the charcoal powder material, you do not need to mix the material with lime, it reduces the cost of fuel, and improves the calorific value of raw material.

Material information about BBQ coal stick briquette press machine:
1. Applicable raw material: different charcoal powder of biomass material such as: sawdust, wood shavings, wood wastes, branches, rice husk, peanut shell, coconut shell, begasse, sediment, cotton stem, corn stalk, corn cob, etc. After carbonization, the charcoal can be used as raw material. Besides, the coal powder, coal dust, coke powder, brown coal powder, coal waste can be also used.
2. The inlet particle size of raw material: it must be less than 2mm.
3. You must add a certain proportion of liquid binder of some kinds of materials for shaping easily, besides, the binder can also increase the hardness of material, and make the briquettes easily burning.
4. The moisture of materials for briquetting must be moderate, the water content should be 12-15%.
Briquettes of BBQ coal stick briquette press machine:
Our BBQ coal stick briquette press machine can press the charcoal powery material into a certain density stick or bar shape briquettes (can be round, rectangular, hexagonal, plum-flower, triangular, etc). It is mostly used for producing barbecue briquettes. The following are some of the samples, and also you can have your own ideal shapes, we can manufacture it accoeding to your needs.

The Features of BBQ coal stick briquette press machine:
1. First carbonization, and then briquetting, reduces the procedures to 3 stages from the 5 process of firstly briquetting and then carbonization.
2. The service life is greatly prolonged, especially the quick-wear parts, the service life is increased from 40 hours to 4000 hours.
3. The cost of electricity is reduced by 60%.
4. The capacity is increased by 2-3 times, the cost of making coal briquettes is reduced of 200 USD per tons.
5. The operation of the machines is become very easy, we show you directly in front of you, or by videos.
6. The weak coal is turned into high quality coal briquettes, the high quality charcoal is turned into special high quality coal.
7. The weak coal content is increased from 60% to 70-75%, the high quality coal content is increased more than 83%, make the market highly expanded.
Auto cutter for cutting the briquettes automatically:
Here in our factory, we have designed a kind of auto cutter for automatically cutting the output briquettes into different size according to your needs. The machine with an stainless steel for cutting the briquettes, also there are two (yellow) sensors (as the following pictures show) in front of the wheel gear on the two sides, when the charcoal briquettes out off the wheel gear, and reaching to the sensors, will cause the motor to drive the wheel gear running and cut the charcoal rods.

Installation of BBQ coal stick briquette press machine:
1. All the part should be cleaned and checked before installation.
2. Install the machines on the level ground, and better on the concrete floor.
3. Before trying the machine, you have to add oil into the lubricant parts.
4. Check whether there is loosen parts, if yes, tight it directly. 
5. Inching the machine, and see whether there are clutters and unnormal sounds. If there is no, we can start the machine completely.
6. Driving the machine to run it without any material in for about 3-5 minutes, after make sure the machine works normal and good, we can put the materials in it for production.
7. If the feed opening apperas blocking, use a wooden stick to unclock, and mustn't use the metal of steel stick.
8. Add the oil for the transmission and rotating parts regularly. The temperature of bearing parts shold be less than 60 celsius degree.
9. Stop feeding the materials and make sure there is no any material in the cylinder before stopping the mahcine. Remove the machine head, clean it and theninstall it for next time using.

Technical parameters of BBQ coal stick briquette press machine:
1. We have several types of BBQ coal stick briquette press machine, such as 140, 180, 360, etc, several models.
2. The Model 360 type BBQ coal stick briquette press machine is newly designed on the base of the 140, 180 types briquette extruder machine.
3. It has 3 electric motors, which can produce 3 stages pressure, which is much higher than the other types. Besides, it with two discharging moulds can stgrengthly producing the briquettes with high density, also its capacity is twice than the old types. More over, you can directly produce two kinds of briquettes with two different shapes at the same type, what you need is only to change the moulds as your needs.

Model Capacity Power Reducer Speed of Mainshaft Specifications Packaging Size

1-2 T

7.5/11 kw ZQ 350 46-60rpm /MIN Φ 20-40 1900*1100*1200 mm
BG-180 2-3 T 11/15 kw ZQ 400 46-60 rpm /MIN Φ 20-60 2100*1500*1200 mm
BG-360 3-4 T 15 kw ZQ 650 46-60 rpm /MIN Φ 20-80 2550*2160*1300 mm

Assistant equipments and procedures of BBQ coal stick briquette press machine:
Besides the bbq coal stick briquette press machine, we have also the Crusher, Liquid Binder Mixer, Mixer, Auto Feeder, Belt Conveyor, Briquette Dryer, etc.
The procedures are as following:
1. Firstly, you need to crush the powdery material into small size: which should be less than 2mm.
2. Secondly, you need to make liquid binder, to increase the hardness of powdery material, and also make the raw material easily burning.
3. Thirdly: you have to mix the liquid binder with the powdery material evenly for that the powdery material can be easily and better pressed into briquettes.
4. Forth: you can feed the raw material into the briquette machine directly, or use the auto feeder to feed the material evenly into the briquette machine.
5. Fifth: you shall dry the coal or charcoal briquettes by our box-type dryer, or dry it under the sunshine if it is dtrong enough.

Following are the brief introduction of the assistant equipoments for this line:
1) Crusher:
It is used to crush the charcoal into powdery material for briquetting, the size must less than 2mm, and the smaller, the better the charcoal briquettes. This is the first step of making charcoal coal briquettes, this machine is an environmental protect extraction device, which can totally keep the powdery charcoal, not only can save material, but also protect the environment.
2). Binder Mixer and Double-shaft Mixer:
Binder mixer is an special equipment for this production line, to make the charcoal powder easily briquetting, and also increase the hardness of the powdery material. Besides, it ca also make the charcoal briquettes easily burning, and the briquettes are smokeless, non-toxic.
Double-shaft mixer is to mix the coal powder with the liquid binder, to increase its hardness and strength of the charcoal briquettes.
3). Auto Feder:
It is used to feed the raw material into the briquette machine for briquetting evenly, to avoid the conditions that too much material jam the machine or too little material can not briquetting.

Packaging and shapping of our machines:
1. Payment:
 By T/T
2. Packaging:
1). All the machines will be wrapped up with plastic film firstly (including the motors)
2). The plastic film bag wrapped machine, according to the size and weight to make wooden or iron box, put machine in and fixed the box after loading. (The box material can be made as your requirements)
3). The machine parts need to be put in a fixed container, should be fixed well, lest collision and wear, or lost.
3. Delivery:
 After receive your payment, we will prepare and manufacture all the machines for you, within 15 days, all will be finiahsed, we will send pictures to show you, all the machines will be loaded on board and delivered to you.

Our service for our customers:
♥ Before Service:
1. According to our customers special requirements, provide the most suitable project design, process design and the purchase program.
2. Guide customers to choose the best and economical plant, recover investment within short time, and site inspection.
♥ On sale service:
1. Accompany you to check the working conditions of our machines.
2. Inspect the quality of all our machines.
3. Manufacturer the equipments as the contact appears at first time after receive your deposit. Arrange the delivery timely.
♥ After sale service:
1. Send engineers to your site, help you to install and debugging devides, build plant, and training operators, at the same time pass the technology on clay brick production to customers.
2. Guarantee of the equipments quality, maintenance, etc. Solve all the troubles for you timely during your production when receive your call oure-mails.

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