Automatic chicken slaughtering line

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Automatic chicken slaughtering line

Automatic chicken slaughtering line
  • Automatic chicken slaughtering line
Product name : Automatic chicken slaughtering line
Product No. : 202369225445
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Automatic chicken slaughtering machine

Automatic chicken slaughtering line

Automatic chicken slaughterhouse

Compact chicken slaughtering line 
Chicken slaughter

Brief descriptions:

The compact and complete slaughter line, including live poultry hanging, scalding machine, A frame plucking machine, offals removal table, auto unloader, chilling tank etc.

1.Convenient transportation, only need one 40HQ container.
2.Take less Space,40 feet long and 8 feet wide.
3.Save labor and investment,No need to build factories and workshops.
4.Easy installation, whole delivery, no need for supplier installation.
5.High production efficiency,processing 600-1000 birds per hour as your capacity need.
6.Simple operation and Less Maintenance.


Main Process and Equipment for Chicken Slaughtering Line

1. Chicken Hanging

Hanging the chicken on the slaughtering line by hand

2. Stunning Machine

Used to make the chicken become calm and easy to slaughter

3.Auto Slaughter Machine(Optional)

Slaughter the chickens automatically , or could slaughter manually as need .

4.Bleeding Trough

Used to collect the blood under the conveying line.

5. Scalding Machine

Used to scald the carcass of the chicken to remove the feather easily.

6.Plucking Machine(Defeathering Machine)

Used to remove the chicken feathers to get a smooth and good carcass body.

7.Evisceration(Taking Offals)

Take the offals from the chicken body manually.

8.Auto Unloader

Used to unload the chicken carcass from the overhead line.

9.Chilling Tank

Used to cool the temperature of the chicken carcass.

10. Overhead Conveyor Line

Chicken will be processed on this rail, it is main part for the main slaughter plant Production line.


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