Frozen meat block cutter

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Frozen meat block cutter

Frozen meat block cutter
  • Frozen meat block cutter
Product name : Frozen meat block cutter
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Price : Frozen meat block cutter
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Frozen meat block cutter
Frozen meat cutter
Frozen meat cutting machine

Product Description:

This frozen meat block cutting machine can directly cut all kinds of frozen meat from - 18 ℃ to - 12 ℃ without thawing, which can reduce the time of thawing and avoid the loss of nutrients in the whole meat during the process of slowing down. It is an indispensable equipment in the processing of meat products.

This machine is easy to operate, easy to clean, stable performance, safe and reliable. Suitable for catering industry, unit canteen, food processing plant and other units.


ü Strictly abide by the personal hygiene system and workshop hygiene requirements, and thoroughly clean the equipment, worktable and container before starting the machine.

ü Before starting the machine, place the cleaned receiving container under the outlet of the frozen meat cutter.

ü Press the start button and observe whether the equipment operates normally without load.

ü Under the normal operation of the equipment, place the frozen meat with clean outer package on the feeding platform of the cutter and slide it to the cutter for cutting.

ü When the equipment is running, if there is material that does not slide down or the cutter needs to be cleaned, the machine must be shut down to avoid personal injury.

ü In case of abnormal noise, smell and vibration during the operation of the equipment, stop the machine immediately for inspection.

ü After the work is finished, the equipment and container shall be cleaned. It is strictly forbidden to wash the electrical part with water, so as to prevent the circuit from being damaged due to water intrusion.

ü Clean the machine thoroughly and keep it clean.

ü The frozen meat received by the operator shall not be stored in a room temperature environment for more than 4 hours.

ü It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment by one person while cleaning the equipment, so as to avoid the danger of disconnection.

ü It is strictly forbidden to extend hands and other objects to the cutter when the equipment is running.

ü Check the reducer regularly and add 45 oil.




Cutting speed

33 times/min



Materials width


Suitable for frozen meat block size




Cross knife stroke


Vertical knife knife gap






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