Eggs incubator

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Eggs incubator

Eggs incubator
  • Eggs incubator
Product name : Eggs incubator
Product No. : 201732215849
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Eggs incubator

Technical parameters:

Latest design, Full Automatic, big Glass door,Automatic-water supply and disinfection.

Models(from small to large)

BG-1:  176 chicken eggs, 126 duck eggs, 64 goose eggs, 442 quail eggs

BG-2 :  264 chicken eggs,189 duck eggs, 96 goose eggs, 663 quail eggs

BG-3:  352 chicken eggs, 252 duck eggs, 128 goose eggs, 884 quail eggs

BG-4:  440 chicken eggs, 315 duck eggs, 160 goose eggs, 1105 quail eggs

BG-5:  528 chicken eggs, 387 duck eggs, 192 goose eggs, 1326 quail eggs

BG-6:  880 chicken eggs, 630 duck eggs, 360 goose eggs, 2210 quail eggs

BG-7:  1056 chicken eggs, 756 duck eggs, 432 goose eggs, 2652 quail eggs

BG-8:  1232 chicken eggs, 882 duck eggs, 504 goose eggs, 3094 quail eggs 

BG-9:  1408 chicken eggs, 1108 duck eggs, 576 goose eggs, 3536 quail eggs

BG-10: 1848 chicken eggs, 1323 duck eggs, 728 goose eggs, 4641 quail eggs

1. Range of temperature display: 5~50°C

2. Precision of Temperature control: ±0.1°C

3. Range of humidity display: 0—99%RH

4. Precision of humidity display: 1%RH

5. QTY of output circuit: 7 (overheat,heat control,low temperature,egg turning in left & right direction,humidity control,alarm)

6. output current: heat control,low temperature in 10A, others in 1A

7. Times of egg turning: Max record is 999 times.

8. Period of egg turning: adjustable between 0.1 and 99.9 hours (Fixed in 1.5 hours when delivery)

9. Time of egg turning: adjustable between 1 and 255 seconds (fixedin 180 seconds when delivery)

10. Period of ventilation: adjustable between 5 and 999 minutes (Fixed in zero when delivery, no ventilation)

11. Time of ventilation: adjustable between 0 and 999 second(Fixedin 30 second when delivery)

12. Length of measuring line:around 1.5meters

13. Lifetime: 10-12 years.


Fully Automatic Egg Incubator

1.Micro-computer controlled on temperature & humidity

2.Energy can be electricity & coal

3. Automatic egg turning,automatic alarm on temperature & humidity

Our advantages:

we are the manufacturer , we offer incubators for many foreign trading company in china.

we use the best material to pack the incubators,

in every incubator,we will give u the extra candler ,humidity tube,heating tube and egg turning motor freely.

we guarantee 3 Years warranty for the incubator.

Packing &shipping

Package:Wooden case with foam inside,Iron with all around.

Shipping: By sea,By air,By international express

Our service

We guarantee 3 years for all main parts for each incubator, If thre are any damages and send the following spare parts for each incubator to you for free(And we also will have some accessories attached with the machine send to you as you really need).

We will have introduction of how to use the incubator inside to show how to use the incubator


FAQ about industrial incuabtor for hatching eggs

Q: When the incubator is working, do we need to operate by hands ?

A: No, the incubator is full automatic egg-turning and temperature humidity ventilation control.

Q: What should we do if there have problems during use ?

A: We have 3 years guarantee, any problems you have, Welcome email or call me! We will provide our best professional service for you.

Q: There are many kinds of incubators, I don't know how to choose?

A: Welcome to contact me, I will according to your demands give you best suggestion. If I'm outline, Please send mail to me, I will give you reply within 24 hours.

We produce the egg incubator capacity from 24 eggs to 22528 eggs, all the egg incubators is fully automatic, high quality with CE approved. If you want to buy the egg incubator, we will give you one set spare parts for free( Temoerature heater, egg turning motor, humidity heater, egg tester ).

Also we have mini incubator BG-48, BG-96, BG-36, BG-72 Etc.With all kinds of cages,Poultry feeder and drinker.poultry food machine etc.

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