Frozen and fresh meat cutter and mixer and chopper

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Frozen and fresh meat cutter and mixer meat Grinder meat chopper

Frozen and fresh meat cutter and mixer meat Grinder meat chopper
  • Frozen and fresh meat cutter and mixer meat Grinder meat chopper
Product name : Frozen and fresh meat cutter and mixer meat Grinder meat chopper
Product No. : 201751511303
Price : Frozen and fresh meat cutter and mixer
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Meat Chopping machine, Meat Chopper machine, Frozen and fresh meat cutter and mixer machine, Meat Grinder
Product descriptions:

1. This machine is high efficiency, health clean, reasonable structure, simple operation, wide range of practical.Vegetables to meat, fruit, seafood and dressing, deep processing (such as Mi shape, block), is a key equipment in the production of meat processing.It not only can the meat, meat, fat main materials finely chopped, also can at the same time, the other raw materials such as water, ice, condiment, additional product to form a uniform milk with minced meat.Cutting die at high speed, can shorten the operation time, reduce the calorific value of material, natural colour and lustre, keep filling elasticity, yield, and the shelf life of products.

2.  Knife speed, speed, the clearance between the rotating pan and cutting die to achieve the best combination, make a good cut cut product fineness, no dead Angle, low temperature, chopping time is short, especially because the emulsifying process, make the sausage products fine density and greatly enhance the elasticity, the greatest degree of improve the effect of the emulsified meat products, elastic and smooth.

1. Choose the high quality inverter and frequency conversion motor, make the cutting die speed adjust between 300-3600 revolutions per second, the machine noise is small, high efficiency and energy saving effect is remarkable.
2. The machine adopt the high-quality stainless steel material, durable, easy to clean.
3. The temperature, time and revolution can display and setting.Can be best chopping control time.
4. Cut a knife and cut a pot gap of 1.0 ~ 1.5 mm, to ensure the effect of chopping.
5. The key parts adopt imported components, such as cutting die, bearing, frequency converter, PLC, touch screen, electrical components, etc.
6. Cutting die USES imported materials after the special craft processing and become, scooped the pot for casting full stainless steel material, and has a spill-proof pot along, to prevent the infiltration of material, the material overflow.
7. Chop the pot for two speed, can cooperate with cutting die any speed, chopping time is short, the material temperature rise is small.
8. Equipped with a device, easy to discharge, clean
9. Electric appliance part USES the waterproof design, good sealing, convenient cleaning.
Yaband high-speed chopping machine and all kinds of chopping machine are suitable for all kinds of meat and fruit and vegetable cut cut, mixing and processing of raw materials can be cut cut, stirring into a different requirements of particle, filling or uniform paste body.The machine adopts high quality stainless steel material (including meat dish), quality of chopping knife.The control box to the closed structure, waterproof and moistureproof.The chopping machine knife shaft speed is high, easy to operate, chopping effect is good, is an important equipment meat processing enterprises in the production of meat products.
The whole machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel plate production, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, easy to clean.
1, the machine with stainless steel as raw materials production, compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy to clean.
2, the main parts adopt machining center processing, ensure the machining accuracy.
3, the blade sharp and durable, high speed smooth operation, material mixing, emulsification effect is good.
4, choose import bearings;Motor in accordance with European standard, resistance to overload ability.
5, speed up to 4500 turn, can greatly improve the effect of emulsification, make product production rate is higher, work better.
6, point to pot the gap is less than 2 mm.
Technical parameters:

Model BG-20 BG-40 BG-80 BG-125 BG-200
Capacity(L) 20 40 80 125 200
Bowl speed(r/min) 11 11 12-19 12-19 240-2050-4100
Mixing speed(r/min) 17 17 17 17 17
Turntable speed(r/min) 150-3000 150-3000 150-3000 150-3000 83
Power(kw) 4 5.1 9.8 40 63
Dimension(mm) 800x700x700 1060x860x1130 1370x2000x1345 1600x2100x1600 3100x2420x2300
Weight(kg) 450 600 1800 2600 3500

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